Friday, 20 February 2015

Thrift Store my Son?

Today my teenage son had the afternoon off of school. Report cards had come out last week and this afternoon were parent/teachers...not a pleasant day for this Mama who is the mother of a rock star teenager who has no interest in school whatsoever except for the weekly band practices that takes place there..but that's a whole other story! 

During his afternoon off him and his Grandma took a walk to the thrift store which is just minutes from our house. It's a small thrift store and doesn't often have any great finds but today he hit the vintage jackpot with this beauty.....

I taught him well, no? He loves all things vintage as well as his Mom and was super excited when he found this. The bottom had been taken off but luckily it was still in the case that came with it and in minutes he had it reassembled! 

My love for writing really took form when I was 13 and my parents gave me a typewriter for passing grade 8. It was tradition to buy us (my sister Melissa and 8) a nice gift when we did well at the end of each school year. I was ecstatic when my gift was a Brother 3000 typewriter and pounded away on that thing constantly. I would sit in my bed late into the night typing away, creating fictitious people and stories who's lives I became engrossed in. Dad would call out to me "Melinda, you got that woodpecker going again tonight" but would never make me put it away and go to sleep. 

It was many years later before that typewriter was closed up for the last time as I upgraded to a computer, but I still have it today. 

I would love to get the typewriter that my son found today up and running, but realistically I know it probably won't happen. However it will be a lovely decorative piece, and even if we can't use it, it sure is lovely to look at. 

Until next time....

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