Monday, 9 February 2015

Pinterest my Basement?

Have you ever found something beautiful on Pinterest only to discover that you had an almost exact replica of it stashed away somewhere?  

    It's awesome!!!

As I have mentioned before my children and I live in my childhood home with my parents. To make a long story short- we moved back after my bipolar diagnosis and after I was taken off work via my doctor and could no longer afford to stay in our apartment. But enough about that.....

Mom and I decided that, after having the same color scheme in the living room and adjoining kitchen for the past 5 years, it was time for a change!

Where do you go when your redecorating and need inspiration? PINTEREST of course! 

I don't want to give away too much of our design plans just yet as I will be doing a whole post on our living room makeover in the near future. But I just have to share this pic.....

Pretty right? I thought so too! And as I looked at it closely the bottom two pieces really caught my eye! 

I've seen that somewhere before!

Look what I had stashed away in the boxes of random junk in our basement...


Can you believe it?!? 

I found these wall pieces a couple years ago for just $4.99 each at Rossy. They were an off white and I painted them a dark turquoise and then changed my mind once again and painted them red! 

While I was rummaging through the basement I also found a can of left over paint in a perfect aqua blue and this is the end result....

Excuse the ugly background pretty please :) I am working on my kitchen table and had to place a flat board underneath it while painting. 

So, what started as a Pinterest search ended in a nice little surprise and the first pieces of decor for our new living room design which I will share real soon!

Until next time.....

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