Sunday, 1 February 2015

On the Sidelines

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I haven't been doing a lot of crafting since the holidays. Once the tree was taken down, the decorations all put away, and the excitement of Christmas morning long forgotten I slid into a slump, a bipolar "down phase" which I am just recently coming out of. I did, however, manage to pick up a itsy bitsy craft this week which is actually so small I am not sure it even constitutes as "crafting", but none the less, here it is- volleyball Mom keychains!

I purchased the charms and key rings and just put them together. Like I said, hardly constitutes as crafting but it was a small step in the right direction for me since I haven't crafting in so long. It was also a small money maker for me, which is very important since I am only able to work part time just yet.

But my main reason for making them was I wanted one for myself because I am a very proud volleyball Mom! My youngest son, Kaleb, plays on his school team and I am always eager to watch them play and cheer them on from the sidelines. I am the parent that's yelling and springing to my feet with every point and the one that is proud of each and every player on the team as if they were my own. There is nothing more rewarding as a parent to watch your child take part in something that they love and see how well adjusted and happy they are, and realize that somewhere along the line, you did something right.

                                                                 Until next time......

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