Saturday, 7 February 2015

Saturday With My Son

Don't you just love days that start out typical and, after some random spur-of-the-moment change of plans, turn out great?! Well, that's just the type of day I had! 

My youngest son, Kaleb, had a sleepover last night and his buddy was spending the day so, after sleeping in this morning, Keenan and I decided to spend the day together on a mini road trip.

Our travels took us east, to a town about a 40 minute drive away, and our first stop was, of course, the Goodwill centre. Keenan has adopted a love of bargain hunting from his Mama over the years! 

After browsing through books and clothes and shoes (I have a shoe obsession!) we began sorting through the selection of housewares and Keenan spotted this lamp right away.

"Mom you could definitely do something with this!" 

So, $3 later we were loading it in the back seat of our car. 

Later this week I am going to take it apart and give the glass a good cleaning. Then I will decide its makeover fate!

It has these crystals hanging from it but as you can see, 1 set is missing so I am going to hit up the internet in search of some new ones to change it up a little!

After our brief Goodwill shopping trip we drove to what we call "our house". We have no idea who owns it and we have never actually been inside of it, but we both fell totally and completely in love with it after accidentally coming across it last summer. Since that time we've driven by several times just to sit and sigh and stare at our dream home!

Isn't it something?  

A  girl (and her son) can dream I suppose.

Afterwards, there wasn't much to see or do so we headed back towards home, but instead of going home, we drove on past the turn off that takes us towards our small town blip on the map and drove west towards the closest thing our rural part of Newfoundland has to a city.

Can you guess where our first stop was? Yup, Goodwill. It was the same centre where I had found the toy box earlier this week so I wasn't expected to find much. I did, however, find this wooden....thing! I am not sure what it is, but I love working with wood and just knew I could make it into something fabulous!

So, $2 later it joined the pretty lamp in the back seat of our car! 

From there we went to the music store-Keenan's favourite store in the entire world- where he picked up a few a few things he needed and browsed around at the selection of guitars and keyboards, which is the next instrument he is hoping to learn to play. I wish I had half of his natural musical talent. He can pick up anything and just learn!

Next on our road trip was a quick stop at WalMart for Romeo (aka Keenan) to do some shopping for his Juliet (aka Taylor-his girlfriend since 9th grade!) for Valentines Day. We then finished our day off with supper at McDonalds! 

Silly boy.....

And that was my Saturday with my son. I couldn't really afford a road trip, and certainly not a shopping trip, today but when your teenage son wants to spend the day with can a Mom afford not to :)

Until next time....

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Second hand shopping with son in tow is perfect!
    Love the lamp x