Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Growing Up Overnight

I can hear that gasps from the new Moms and Moms of babies as I type this........

I miss night feedings. I miss diaper changing. I miss the sound of a crying baby.

I miss bath time, and story time, and play time. I miss picking out cute little outfits, and taking hundreds of pictures of every smile, laugh, and first moment. I miss my babies being, well, babies.

Wasn't it just yesterday that Keenan was a little boy clinging to my side and hiding behind me when meeting new people?  Or Kaleb bouncing up and down beside me, talking faster than any of us could understand, eager to meet new people? 

Where did the time go? Seems like it was just a minute ago Keenan was starting kindergarten and Kaleb, who was just a year old was crying for him when he would leave the house, then watch for him excitedly when he would return home a few hours later.

I would give anything for just one more bath time with them- Keenan who hated bubbles and liked his water just barely warm, with the bath tub lined off with toy boats and later wrestling figures who could play in the bath for hours if I let him , and Kaleb, who loved lots of bubbles and a nice hot bath, splashing water all over the place, a mess to clean up each and everytime, who tried to learn to swim in the few inches of soapy water. Afterwards, squeeky clean in flannel pajamas, it was cuddle time, my favourite time of the day. Just one more time, thats all I ask for.

Big brother and baby brother. 

Where does the time go? Is it really possible for them to grow up over night?

Kaleb and Mommy 


While my boys are wonderful and special and mean the world to me at all ages, I miss them being little. I want to go back, stop time, and enjoy them being babies just a little longer.

I love the young men they are becoming.....

Keenan, my rock star with a personality and style that's all his own. A kid who keeps to himself, he loves to play guitar and bass, and is quiet and reserved until he gets on stage, then he's in his element. He's an artist in so many, writing, and drawing.  

Kaleb, my all star, has energy that knows no bounds. He's athletic and smart, loves to play volleyball and all sports. He's happy and well liked, can fit in with any crowd, and make friends in seconds. He has a competitive spirit, and is an avid gamer. He's also so full of love and gives it away freely.

Keenan (16) and Kaleb (11), Christmas 2014 

I love them unconditionally, and am filled with pride each time I look at them. 

I love the long talks with Keenan, and watching him perform.
I love how Kaleb makes me laugh, and cheering for him at his games.
Kaleb (11)

Keenan (16)

But no matter how much I love them at this age, I miss the many years gone by. Time goes by so quickly and although I did enjoy every minute, I wish there had been more of them. I wish I could have slowed down the years. 

Even the late night feedings and diaper changes. 

Until next time.....

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  1. It's just so true! I can't believe the quickness with which they grow up and are no longer babies. I am acutely aware of how much I will miss then when it's gone, so I'm holding on tight as much as I can. Beautiful post! Your boys are handsome! Cherish every I'm sure you are! ❤