Wednesday, 11 February 2015

DIY Coat Rack

I am busy, busy, busy this week as we (my Mama and I) have started our nearly total house redecorating project which includes (for now) the porch (entry way, mudroom, or whatever you like to call it), the kitchen, living room, AND the hallway!  It's going to be a long project, possibly taking a couple months to complete, but there are millions of little projects along the way! YIPPEE!! 

As part of our porch/entry/Mudroom makeover we took down a pole that was holding our jackets and are replacing it with a coat rack, which we don't have, so....


We took to Pinterest (as if I even needed to say so!) and found some awesome ideas! 

Since we are on a budget, and we have never made a coat rack before,  we figured we would start with something simple. Lucky for us we found this beauty in the basement...just what we needed!

It was too long for the space we are putting it, which is above a cushioned bench with underneath storage for boots on the smallest wall, so we had a portion cut out of the centre and are joining it back together to make it fit. 

We got off to a great start today, tearing down the pole and the ugly shelves above it, and painted the first coat on the walls. Tomorrow we are planning to finish painting and get the coat rack up! 

There's still a ton to do, such as paint the bench, cover the cushion in new fabric, add a couple pillows, and I am working on a welcome sign to hang above the coat rack! Lots of work to do, and lots of fun!  Stay tuned for updates! 

Until next time....

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