Sunday, 1 March 2015

Proud and Loud Volleyball Mom

Yesterday was volleyball day for my youngest son, Kaleb, who, as you have seen in recent posts, turned 12 just a few days ago. He is the youngest, and smallest, on the team but that doesn't stop him from giving it everything he's got and he is becoming a great little baller! My nephew, Hayden, who is nearly a year older, is also on the team AND yesterday was a boys and girls tournament so while Kaleb and Hayden were off court we switched to the other side of the gym and cheered for my niece Haley, who will be 15 in a few days, and her team. A triple whammy! 

The week of team try outs back in October is a week neither of us will soon forget. There were 5 practises as part of try outs and the names of those who made the team would be posted after the last practise. These 5 practises spanned almost 2 weeks and Kaleb was on pins and needles the whole time. 

Our schools junior volleyball team usually only consists of grades 7, 8 and 9 but because of a shortage of students trying out this year they opened it up to the grade 6 boys with the grades 7, 8, and 9 boys getting first pick. Kaleb was beyond excited and came home from every practise beat out and hopeful. 

Finally, try outs ended and the day before the results were to be posted Kaleb couldn't think of anything else. He could hardly even sleep! Myself and his father were just as anxious and nervous the next morning as we waited for him to come home at lunch time. Because of his age and size (Kaleb is a shorty and oh so cute) we weren't sure he would make the team and although we prayed he would, we did have a you'll-make-it-next-year and you-tried-your-best speech prepared just in case. 

I paced the floor for a good half an hour before Kaleb got home for lunch and was watching for him when he came through the door- smiling from ear to ear! He made it! He was beyond excited and I nearly cried with pride! He called his dad who was thrilled and relieved and the two couldn't wait to start practising together, which they did that afternoon. 

This season was a slow one for the team with only 3 tournaments because of several being cancelled because of bad weather. They had yet to win a medal until yesterday! 

They all played with a force I hadn't seen in them all year and my little boy played his absolute best as well, getting a few points for his team, some new moves, and a roll of about 12 consecutive serves! I was proud and along with a few other moms, very loud, cheering at the top of our lungs and blowing into noise makers with every point! 

Kaleb on the court

The boys team won silver, just 1 point away from gold, and played with e vengence until that very last point! The players, their coach, and us parents were so proud of them! 
Kaleb receiving his medal

Hayden receiving his medal 

The girls team won GOLD!!

Haley and her gold medal
It was a fantastic day all around! Kaleb was so proud of himself and his team, and has hardly taken his medal off since.

Kaleb sporting his new bling! 
So, this loud volleyball Mom and Aunt is super proud today of all 3 kids!

Until next time....

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