Sunday, 1 March 2015

Just Another Manic Monday

Happy Monday!!! 

Oh who am I kidding?! There is nothing happy about Mondays! 

As per every Monday morning, getting my kids to exit their comfy, warm beds this morning to venture out into -10 (feels -17) temperatures to go to school was harder than trying to get them out of the womb many years ago! Then, as if the house is not chaotic enough, my mom and I also had to get up early to make the nearly 1 hour drive to do some grocery shopping before the snow storm is due to hit us today! 

2 of my ABSOLUTE favourite shopping and snow! You do catch the sarcasm there right?

So we managed to tackle the grocery shopping and even got a quick stop in at Dollarama and Goodwill and picked up a few things....

We made it home before the snow storm started thankfully but it's real nasty out there now so it looks like the kids will have a snow day tomorrow, or at least a snow morning which means, woohoo, I don't have to wake them at 7AM! 

I've already begun working on some of the projects that started with today's purchases, and have 1 nearly finished. 

Sneak peak anyone?

I am loving the distressed burgundy box! 
Primitive is my latest love and I couldn't wait to start at this project!!

Well, thankfully, another Monday is nearly over and I am going to finish it off with a little more crafting. I promise to post the finished project as soon it's done. 

Until next time....

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