Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Battling the Storm Without Letting it Take Control

The storm continues to rage on but I am dealing with it much better today. For those of you who didn't read yesterday's post, I had a bad day; a "bipolar day" as I call them, and today it continues. Yesterday I threw myself into the first step of my Spring cleaning, which was completely gutting out Kaleb's bedroom and the work was a good distraction. Several hours after I began, his room was done and I was feeling a little more in control. 

Last night my sleep was plagued by nightmares. This happens often when I am in a bad place mentally. I never remember them but I awake gripped with fear, breathless, and trembling. Last night when I awoke I quickly sprang to me feet, rushed to Kaleb's room and climbed into his big, warm bed. Cuddling my son I slowly fell back to sleep and the nightmares were gone. 

Today I awoke feeling much like I did yesterday. My head hurts from the chaos that is my thoughts and feelings- frustration, irritability, anger, sadness, anxiousness, rage. I wish I could turn it off, just flick a switch and the madness would just shut off. But it isn't that easy so instead I keep trudging on, keep battling the storm, throwing myself into anything that will distract me and get me through this day. 

My Mom and I are still working on our total home makeover project in small steps and on a tight budget. I recently posted the porch/entryway makeover, laundry room makeover is completed and will be posted soon, and the hallway makeover is almost complete! Next step is the bathroom and we started it just last night. 

I turned to the best place for inspiration- Pinterest- looking for bright, bold bathroom ideas with black and white accents....

This huge mirror was above the dresser in my parents bedroom but Mom took it down when she moved a different dresser into her room. 

It is getting a coat of black paint and will hang above the black speckled faux granite counter top in our bathroom. 

I also finished a couple of dollar store crafts that I was working on....

The finished product....

My new favourite color is burgundy. I am loving it and considering having the burgundy/ brown/ tan colour scheme for our kitchen and living room makeovef with a primitive feel. I've been filling an album on Pinterest with TONS of gorgeous primitive ideas. 

So, there are plenty of things to do to distract me, plenty of things to occupy my thoughts so they do not focus on the negative. I'm trying! I'll never stop trying! Today might not be the day when everything is better, and tomorrow might or might not be, but the day will come. 

Until next time....

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